In the slightness lies the magic

In the slightness lies the magic

In the slightness lies the magic

Consider this when radio gave way to television a lot of programming was initially the same with a slight difference. When print media gave way to digital media the same happened again, a lot of the stuff that was printed moved to the internet with slight difference. Today we have multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram yet all have a slight difference.

The power lies in being similar but not the same!

Similar cause that helps for easy transition for the user. If it’s too drastically different it would dissuade people to move freely.

The slightness though is the reason people stay.

Now apply the same stuff in sales. You operate in a marketplace where your competitors also have similar offerings. The magic lies in slight difference between them and you. The difference is not always a product or a feature of the product. It could be in the experience you create, or in the engagement process you follow or just in the way you present your value proposition.

Neuroscience tells us that we look for differences to make a decision. If two things are the same I will look for a criteria that makes it easy to decide. The criteria of difference! This is where the slight difference sets you apart.

Working with sales professionals over the years I have realized how easy is it to fall into the “me-too” trap and the struggle to differentiate is real. The important thing to know is that the difference doesn’t need to be big or something that makes you stand poles apart from your competitor but just the slight difference will stand out.

So next time look for the slight difference you can make.

Though we talking in context to sales this magic of slightness is equally applicable in marketing and in every other aspect of business or personal life.

In slightness lies the magic, we are similar but never the same!