Butterfly Mindset

Butterfly Mindset

Butterfly Mindset

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly. Richard Bach

Just out of nowhere I am thinking of a butterfly and this simple beautiful creature has so many aspects for us to look at. Butterfly is seen as a symbol of rebirth, of transformation and change. From a small ugly larva it transforms into a beautiful colourful (usually) creature fluttering around spreading life (pollen).

I was actually looking at the fluttering of the butterfly and wondering why does it flutter. One of the stuff I read on the fluttering of the butterfly said “it flutters because it can !” So they fly that way not because they can’t fly straight but because they can flutter !

This just got me thinking this whole conversation we are having nowadays on our Attention Deficit. In fact, we now have apps themselves prompting us that you are updated…so you don’t keep scrolling and wasting your time. We are struggling with managing efficiencies due to the distractions around us. However, if you really think about it the nature of our mind is to flutter ! It’s not that it can’t focus, it can but it is just following its nature when it chooses to flutter, because it can !

So what did our mind do when there were no apps? We called it daydreaming, doodling etc right? Then many hours were spent playing Pac man and Mario before the Candy crush and others came of age. It’s just like the fluttering of the butterfly…the mind does it because it can !

So is fluttering of our mind bad? I would say just as doing anything in excess is bad ! if you can bring yourself back effectively and when your mind flutters away you increase your awareness or knowledge then it’s okay.

So then how do you focus?

Let’s look at 3 key things –

Firstly, you need to enjoy what you do to focus. Am sure each one of us have sometime remarked that I was so engrossed in that activity that I forgot to even eat! Or didn’t realise how time flew by? So if you like what you do or value it to be important your mind doesn’t flutter and even if it does it does circle around that key activity. Some researchers say that the best way to stay focussed is to schedule your so called distractions. Which means set a time and frequency for checking emails or for that matter even apps on your phone.

Another one could be define the #hashtags or alerts on topics you interested in or want to know about even when you are distracted so you can learn something through your distractions.

Finally, remember this issue is not the fluttering but losing direction. So give yourself an anchor that keeps you moving in the right direction. Using tools like calendar, to do lists, notes, project management apps all enable better efficiency.

See, what I have done with my fluttering, write article on topics like these !!

Keep fluttering !