Push, Pull, Slide

Push, Pull, Slide


It’s no more a Push or Pull, it’s a slide door !

Have you ever struggled with this ? I can tell you I have ! 

With all the conditioning of using Push and Pull doors, I have assumed that’s how doors work. It’s either a Push, and if that doesn’t work it’s a Pull. So if the door still doesn’t open.. Pull harder or Push harder !!

But what about the slide? Slide doors do exist, right?, though they are just not the first thought about how the door will open.

This simple analogy applies to Sales and maybe to life too!

In sales we started with Push sales. As a seller I will push my product to the customer and prove that it’s the best fit for the customer’s needs.

We then moved to Pull. More consultative..As a seller, I will in my engagement with the customer create a pull to my product / service and showcase how the value proposition fits with the customer’s need. As sales experts we learnt solution selling, professional selling and other sales methodologies. Maybe you got certified on SPIN Selling and started asking great questions to persuade your customers. 

Yes, customer engagement has changed once again. Each time this change is driven by the customer preferences. So for sure we as sales people are playing catch up on this one.

It’s getting harder to do business development and start conversations with prospects and I wonder if it’s the conditioning of the Push and Pull that is really our biggest roadblock. 

In fact, when we don’t succeed, we Pull and Push harder ! Let’s spam on Linkedin or send Inmails or use automation to blast a series of 10 emails over 20 days !

The hinges of this door have changed and the swing has been replaced by the slide. Slide into the prospect / customer’s consciousness by engaging with them. Know them, understand them, engage with them… then slide in as you get permission to have more conversations.

I know the first reaction to the above strategy is – I don’t have time to do this. Good point right… I am so busy banging doors, playing the game of probability that I don’t have time to consciously create and change my strategy !

Yes, sliding in takes time and a different kind of effort. 

You cannot kick it in with your toe or push in with your shoulder and let the door bang as you exit. Both points require conscious effort. However, engagement creates mind share. This in turn could lead to larger ticket sizes and longer term relationships.

I urge you to try the Slide In Sales approach. Gain Mindshare before you ask for Wallet share! I can vouch for this strategy, it works !