The Answer

The Answer

The Answer

Would you describe…

What if…

Could you explain….

If there was only one thing you wanted to fix, what would it be…

Do you ever…

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind! (Bob Dylan)

Almost forever we have been teaching sellers to ask questions. In fact all our key sales methodologies SPIN Selling, Consultative Selling, Solution Selling have propagated the importance of the seller skill in asking Questions.

Buying is a process of Knowledge Acquisition! Think about this based on a product that you may have bought recently. Go back to thinking about buying your first smartphone to the various phones you have bought over the years. You do know more about smartphone technology and its various features with every purchase you make.

Research data tells us that the buyer is 57% into his / her buying journey before they reach out to a seller. So at that point are they looking forward to engaging with a seller who will ask them questions or would they rather engage with a seller who can provide the answers to their questions !

In a marketplace where products and services are getting tougher to differentiate the customer engagement experience is our biggest differentiator.

How confidently do we answer the customers questions, How articulate are we to position our brand & the experience we commit to and How do we get the customer to trust us with their investment of time and money are they tenets of us winning the sale.

In the world of Bots and AI the one key skill sellers need to develop to be future ready then is Answer Intelligence.

The answer is not blowing in the wind, my friend. It needs to be crafted and delivered with effectiveness !