Words are all I have…

Words are all I have…

Words Are All l Have..

Few years ago I came to awareness of the power of words. I started to use my words more intentionally than just being a random collection making a language. I even updated my Linkedin profile (back in the day when we thought it reflected expertise!) to word artist.

Since then I have started to write articles and some form of poetry and sometimes just a lot of rants. One thing I have learnt and validated with experience is that Words reflect the meaning based on your perception.

So really every word could have a story ! Also when the word triggers the story we lose the comprehension of what is being said to what I think is being said. So when I say ambitious in your mind comes a picture of what that looks like and based on your experience if its good or not. Same thing happens when I say Husband or Wife. An image pops up.

While we can all wish to change the world, and all its conscious and unconscious biases, nothing will change till we change the words!

Selling also has a very strong bias ! A lot of people conjure up the image of a seller selling ice to an eskimo or maybe grabbing and running away with your money. Someone once told me that for me selling is like an insurance agent selling a life insurance policy.

I know all my words above have been taking you all over so let me attempt to converge this.

Words lead to comprehension and most often these are based on our pre – conceived biases.

So to change the narrative, change your words!

Instead of Husband and wife which creates. preconceived role based images, I like to use spouse or partner that reflects more equalism (at least I hope!).

Instead of maid, servant.. I like to use helper, attendants. Helps to move away from slavery and subordination to support.

Instead of selling to, I like to use customer engagement / experience. Cause that’s what it really is, right?

Instead of an expert, I like to use a practitioner. Because it opens me to learning and investing in my practice.

I hate it when people use terms like “grab the deal” or “the seller killed it with his pitch” because these words are a reflection of win-lose and that can never be a seller’s intention.

So, next time be aware of the words you use. Specifically in this digital world, literally, Words are all I have to take your heart away…